Similar databases

CloudFlame is a cloud-based cyberinfrastructure for managing combustion research and enabling collaboration. The infrastructure includes both software and hardware components, and is freely offered to anyone with a valid professional or educational affiliation. This website provides a front-end for data search tools, web-based numerical simulations, and discussion forums.

PrIMe —Process Informatics Model— is an approach for developing predictive models of chemical reaction systems that is based on the scientific collaboratory paradigm and takes full advantage of existing and developing cyber infrastructure. The primary goals of PrIMe are collecting and storing data, validating the data and quantifying uncertainties, and assembling the data into predictive models with quantified uncertainties to meet specific user requirements.
PrIMe 2.0    PrIMe 3.0

RCM Database contains RCM experimental data for the combustion of the following fuels: 1-methylnaphthalene, butanol isomers, butanol PRF blends, dimethyl ether (DME), FACE, H2 and H2/CO, iso-butene, iso-octane, iso-pentanol, methylcyclohexane, methanol, propene, etc.

ChemKED is a database of fundamental combustion experiments. The files are handled by PyKED, which is a Python-based software for validating and interacting with ChemKED files. The ChemKED files currently contain butanol experimental data only.